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Software and applications

Here are some of our software projects and applications.

CCV Open Source Software and Applications

Computational Biology Core Software and Applications


Maintainers: Andrew Leith · Kyle East

This site describes the acquisition and use of the nmrdock docker image containing a variety of tools for analyzing NMR data both from the command line and via GUI. The site contains screenshots and video in addition to the standard narrative documentation..


Maintainers: Ashok Ragavendran

An user-friendly python implementation of a script to download sequence data from Genbank.


Maintainers: Andrew Leith · Fernando Gelin

RefChef is a reference management tool used to: (1) document the exact steps undertaken in the retrieval of genomic references; (2) maintain the associated metadata; (3) provide a mechanism for automatically reproducing retrieval and creation of an exact copy of genomic references.


Maintainers: August Guang

Wrappers for the SeqAn library for use in R with Rcpp.


Maintainers: August Guang

A comprehensive quality control R package for Next Generation Sequencing FASTQ data.


Maintainers: Andrew Leith

Software for Automating Jupyter Deployment on AWS.


Maintainers: Ashok Ragavendran

A bioinformatics workflow engine that streamlines the most common analysis pipelines. Key features include: 1) Provision of standardized workflows 2) A module for automating SRA downloads and 3) External tools are made available as CONDA packages alongwith the tool.