Friday – November 1st

Session chair: Paul Stey

3:15 – 3:20

Intro and Welcome

Paul Stey

Director of Scientific Computing and Data Science, CCV

3:20 – 3:35

But Also Oscar

Sam Fulcomer

Associate Director, HPC Systems

3:35 – 4:15

Keynote: Computing and Visualizing Genes as Environments

Prof. David Rand

Stephen T. Olney Professor of Natural History, Professor of Biology, Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Co-Director Computational Biology Core

The unique traits of each organism stem from the combined effects of gene interactions during development in a particular sequence of environments. Just as a change in environment can alter the expression of individual genes, a mutation in one gene can alter the expression of other genes. We will explore this complex web of interactions using genomic analyses of Drosophila in different genetic and environmental contexts.

4:15 – 4:45

CCV Not Just Oscar Panel

Linnea Wolfe1, Paul Stey2, Mete Tunca3

1. Assistant CIO, Infrastructure and Research Computing 2. Director of Scientific Computing and Data Science, CCV 3. Assistant Director of Cloud and Research Computing, CCV

4:45 – 6:45


Join us for some light snacks and refreshments.